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The air conditioning system in your home should provide you with a clean and comfortable environment, it is important to select the right contractor when service or replacement is needed. The air conditioning system in your home is easy to neglect. As long as it is working you typically do not think about it! However, when it does finally go out, you will find it hard not to think about! True Blue technicians are highly trained on all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. They have the skill, and the replacement parts for your system. No matter the age, size or application, True Blue will have a solution for you.


Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

– Unusual noises coming from your indoor or outdoor unittrue_blue_air_conditioner

– The presence of ice on cabinet or copper line surfaces

– Increased run time

– Higher than normal utility bills

– High humidity inside the home

– The presence of mold or odors

– Increased dust in the home

– The unit will not pull down to the desired temperature


Be Proactive

Being proactive in investigating any of these symptoms can save a lot of money down the road. If an air conditioner is allowed to run improperly for an extended amount of time, it will damage or wear multiple components. If a problem is addressed immediately, you typically will have fewer components to replace.



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